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Youth Off The Streets

Wanting to give something back to the community, Sydney HOG Chapter approached ‘Youth Off The Streets' with an offer some young people couldn't refuse: a ride on a Harley-Davidson! Father Chris Riley established ‘Youth Off The Streets' in 1991 to assist young people who are chronically homeless, drug dependant and recovering from abuse.

To assist the ‘Youth Off The Streets' team in their amazing work, Sydney H.O.G provides an opportunity for young people who have made a commitment to the educational and vocational programs run by the charity, to go for a ride in the structured environment of a Chapter ride. This can take the children out of their comfort zone in learning to trust an adult stranger again.

Sydney H.O.G is proud to support ‘Youth Off The Streets' as it strives to achieve its Mission Statement of ‘Helping disconnected young people to discover greatness within, by engaging, supporting and providing opportunities to encourage and facilitate positive life choices'. It is hoped that the positive reinforcement provided through the rides and interaction between Chapter members and young people will further facilitate the goals of the charity.

We encourage you to visit the ‘Youth Off The Streets' website to see the exceptional work being undertaken by Father Chris Riley and his dedicated team. Who knows, you may wish to support them in other ways as well.

Visit the Youth Off The Streets website.



Young Care

Young Care is a new charity Sydney HOG are sponsoring in 2014. We wanted to find a worthwhile charity which doesn't already have huge corporate sponsorship or awareness. Young Care fits the bill perfectly. Did you know that 7500 young Australians who require full time care do not have a facility to look after them? They are forced to live in aged care facilities.

Young Care provide:

  • At Home Care Grants so young people wishing to be cared for at home can receive the equipment, home modifications or respite they need.
  • Young Care housing
  • Government lobbying to raise awareness to drive policy change and systems reform.

Sydney HOG helps by donating all money raised from our charity activities throughout the year to Young Care. We also provide group rides on Harley-Davidson motorcycles for Young Care to auction and raise money from.

Visit Young Care's website.

See the video below for more information on Young Care's great work: